Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Let's Kick This Baby Off!

Ok, the title may have been a little too much, too soon.

My first post is merely a heads up for the next few weeks during which, like most bloggers, I will be attempting to use my far-from-technically-apt brain to tweak my page. There will be swearing. There will be items propelled across the room. There will be bribes for my computer savvy friends. Hopefully though, I will come out the other side with a nice, simple, easy to navigate page of delight.

On a side note I am thrilled to be starting this blog! Only a small collection of people in my life share my enthusiasm for getting dolled up, trying new products and playing around with diffrent looks. So this will be a nice little way of sharing my thoughts and possibly hearing what you guys think also.

Right on!


  1. welcome, dear :)
    sounds like a great blog! and in btw i love your layout :)


  2. Thanks Rebekah!

    I'm so pleased you think so. Oh and the layout's a gem isn't it? Now if I could just figure out how to get my header legible I'll be happy as a clam.

    Must stop by your page soon.

    xx Courtney

  3. Hello there :)
    I'm a new blogger myself and I just stumbled upon your page. Looks like its going to be a fun one.
    Happy blogging!