Friday, 20 July 2012

Op-Shop Treasures

Over the last couple of months I've had zero luck finding anything that I like (or that fits me) at my local op-shops. Heartbreaking - I know. Then the other day, after aimlessly wandering into a Salvos near my work, I miraculously ended up strolling out with a couple of cute finds. Success! The day after, just to see if I could continue to ride the op-shopping wave of lucky finds, I decided to have a browse around the newly renovated Salvos on Chapel St. More success! After two days and two shops I managed to come away with five new pieces for my wardrobe. Not bad for having only parted with 37 of my hard earned dollars. I didn't even have to suffer my usual 'spending money on myself when I'm supposed to be saving' guilt!

So first of all, here's a couple of photos of the wonderful Salvos on Chapel St. While a little pricey for an op-shop (as most Salvos are), it really is a lovely place to shop. It's huge, well stocked, well organised, and presented more like boutique than your usual run-of-the-mill charity shop. I'm definitely planning on making regular trips to this one.

Chapel St Salvos. How sweet is the little mirror?
More of Chapel St Salvos. See how lovely it's laid out?
And now onto the good stuff - the purchases! First up is this cute grey cardigan. The brand is Ladakh (which after a little research, I discovered is an Australian brand). I really love the bow detailing on this one. I think it makes an otherwise fairly plain article of clothing - something special. As you can see, one of the bows is coming undone on the left-hand pocket. Nothing a little DIY stitching can't fix though. I bought this for $8.

Next up is this super stretchy, super comfy racerback tank top. I was immediately drawn to the dusty bright colouring and Aztec print on this one. I think this will definitely be a staple for me in summer. Especially for festivals and concerts. It's so light and flowy and fun. This one set me back a measly $5.

This next piece is definitely my favourite. It's a high-waisted, cotton, Beetlejuice-esque number with a zipper running along the front. The waist is elasticised, so the zipper's just for show. Even though it's a little short, I really like how this one sits on me. The skirt has really cute kick-out to it. It makes me feel like a cartoon character! I can't wait to pair it with some bright stockings. I picked this one up for the slightly steeper price of $14.

Last but not least, I picked up a few basic cardi's. A girl can never have too many, in my opinion! Especially in winter. Plus they were only $5 each. How could I say no?!

While we're on the topic of low low prices, I swung by Dangerfield and took advantage of their 50% accessories sale. After spending perhaps a little too long roaming the store, I decided on two pairs of Onassis sunglasses. I actually don't own any over sized shades, so I thought these would be nice mix things up a little. Plus they were down from $24 to $6 a pair. Crazy! I was pretty smitten with the floral print (pictured below), but also liked the idea of picking up the classic, black, 'goes with anything' pair. So I did! You can't argue with a bargain.


  1. you're gorgeeee love the hair xx

    1. How nice of you to say! Excuse the dreadful regrowth though. I'm waiting for my dye to arrive!


  2. The cardie with the bows is so cute! This makes me want to go op shopping tomorrow. My hauls are never as fruitful as yours though!

    1. I thought it was sweet too! I could definitely see it suiting you as well.

      Make sure you do an op-shopping blog post if you do decide to go. There's some good stuff out there at the moment (in my opinion anyway), and I'd be interested to see if you find anything.

      Oh and believe me - my hauls aren't always this much of a success!

  3. The grey cardi is sooo cute! Would look lovely with a 50s style circle skirt!

    The January Girl

    1. Ooooh! You're right. Now I just need to find one of those too!