Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Happy Little Vegemite

First of all, let me just say that I have a bit of a love affair with Peter Alexander. Not only are the pj's, overnight bags and bedtime bits so cute and lovely, the stores are like a little slumber wonderland! I'm sure I could easily fall asleep on one of their futons with the scent of a Glasshouse candle filling the air. Anyway, Peter Alexander pj bottoms are one of my favourite things in the world. I have a sky blue pair with orange giraffes on them and they're just the comfiest, warmest and cutest pj's around. I'm fairly sure I'll wear them until they fall apart (one day in the far, far distant future!) So yes. Recently, when I was wandering around Peter Alexander, I stumbled across a pair that made me chuckle, stole my heart and insisted "buy me!"

A clue! A clue!
Ta da!
Up Close & Personal With My Favourite Breakfast Spread!

A delicious spread and some comfy flannelet pj's in one? Yes please! Now I can be patriotic while I sleep, and eat Vegemite on toast while WEARING Vegemite! I know - it boggles the mind.

Certainly, some of you may think these are tacky, but I saw the fun in them. I also think it's a really clever and lovely use of an iconic Australian product to play up the label's roots.

Apparently this design has been released before. However this is the first time I've ever seen them kicking about. As this re-release was 'due to popular demand' I'm sure they would have been snapped up in a second the first time around. So I'm not surprised they flew under my radar. I was super lucky to be able to track down the last pair in my size at Peter Alexander's Carlton store. Phewf!

Can You Pick Which One's Edible?
These were $49.95 - pretty standard for Peter Alexander pj bottoms. Luckily for me I had a gift card, care of my wonderful Nana. Thanks Nana!

And in keeping with the theme of silly and fun I also stopped by JB Hifi today and took advantage of their 'buy two kids dvd's & get the third one free' promotion. I was already wanting to buy Hook for a friend's birthday present, so I took this sale as an excuse to add to my ever growing collection of classic kids films. After diving into a bargain bin I resurfaced with Matilda and Jumanji in hand. Three films for $20? Not bad in my book.

Hook, Jumanji & Matilda

Vegemite pj's and kids films? Seems I'm an easy girl to please!


  1. ah these are so much fun! i've never heard of this brand before but i'm definitely going to check it out now! x

    1. Oh my gosh! Everyone in the world should be introduced to Peter Alexander. I never thought I'd want to show off my pj's, but PA makes it possible!

      Thanks for reading hun!

  2. I love those pj's. I want them!