Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Caudalie Companion & VIP at Chaddy

This post is mostly about my new best friend. She's French, she smells lovely, and she removes my makeup like a dream. Yep. It's the Caudalie Cleansing Water.

Originally, after a gushing review by blogger and YouTuber Fleur De Force, I'd intended to buy the This Works 5 In 1 Water. Unfortunately for me, feelunique.com was out of stock when it came time to purchasing it. So, I decided to take a complete chance on the Caudalie Cleansing Water. What's funny is, I had never heard of this brand around the beauty blogger scene until after I decided to buy it. Then, as it was making it's way over from the UK, Caudalie started popping up all over the place. Favourably mentioned I might add. Still, it was mostly the Beauty Elixir that was making waves, so I wasn't too sure what to expect of the cleanser.

Oooh la la!
As the name suggests, this is a watery cleanser rather than a cream. I really prefer this toner-like consistency over the traditional cream cleansers as I feel that they are more 'eye friendly'. I often find that cream cleansers will find a way of seeping into my eye when applied with a cotton pad. I want a cleanser that is quickly absorbed by the cotton pad so that the product is not just being moved around my skin; risking being pushed into my eye. This one does the trick. Plus it's states on the bottle that it's safe for sensitive eyes and gentle enough for sensitive skin types. I can definitely vouch for that. After trying it out over the past couple of weeks, I've never found that it's irritated me.

As far as removing makeup goes, it's very good. Of course, heavy eye makeup requires a little more time and effort, but I think that's always the case. It definitely works as effectively on the eyes, if not more effectively, than my Garnier Eye Makeup Remover. In fact, the Caudalie cleanser has basically eliminated my need for a separate eye makeup remover. Which saves both time, money and cotton pads. So I'm happy!

I can definitely see how this could suit all skin types. I have normal to dry skin, but I feel as though this would work well on oily skin as well. It's tough on removing dirt and makeup, but still light and fresh enough not to weigh down the skin after applying.

On two completely shallow notes, I love the scent and packaging. It says on the bottle that it contains mint. Which I suppose explains the fresh scent. Although it smells a little like cucumber to me. Which is strange, because it doesn't actually contain any! Also the packaging is a much fancier than the trusty Nivea Cleanser I was using for years. It's a nice, thick, frosted plastic with a sturdy screw-on cap. I never thought I'd be impressed by a cleanser's little home, but I really like this one!

I picked up this 200ml bottle for AUD $22.95 on feelunique.com, which I think is pretty reasonable for the quality of the product. It's also available in a 100ml bottle for AUD $13.77 (perfect for travel) and a whopping 400ml bottle for AUD $27.54. This is certainly something I'll be repurchasing, and I can happily recommend it to anyone on the hunt for a sensitive-skin-friendly, paraben free, non animal tested, effective-as-anything cleanser with a smell that's to die for!

In other news, Chadstone Shopping Centre is having their VIP sale tomorrow from 9am through to midnight. Oh yes! I missed out on it last year, but this year I'll be there with bells on! Unfortunately I have to keep my spending to a minimum because I'm supposed to be saving. Damn, stupid saving! But I simply can't resist 50% off all stock at The Perfume Connection, not to mention picking up some staples at Cotton On for 30% off. Plus a girl can't say no to complimentary champagne and cupcakes! Is anyone else planning on going? I'm looking forward to stickybeaking at some blogger hauls! Oh...and the sale offer list is here for those of you with no will power like myself!


  1. This sounds like a lovely product! I've definitely been hearing a lot about Caudalie products (mainly from Lisa Eldridge :p) lately, so I am intrigued about this Cleansing Water. My guess is that it's quite similar to Bioderma? I have a 250mL bottle so I might consider trying out this one when my Bioderma runs out. Hope you get some bargains from the Chadstone sale - 50% off Perfume Connection sounds too good to pass up! :)

    1. Lisa Eldridge is an English beauty blogger right? I think Caudalie is pretty big in the UK at the moment. From what I can gather from blogs and vlogs. So that would make sense.

      Oh and it's funny you should compare the Bioderma Cleansing Water to the Caudalie one. As you may know, I recieved a sample of the Bioderma in my Lust Have It bag this month, and I definitely think they are comparable. Personaly though, I prefer the Caudalie one. Both are very good at removing make-up, but the Caudalie one smells becautiful and is obviously a much more purse friendly option.

      Oh and thanks!

  2. It sounds like a good product but I find that Caudalie as a brand in general can be a bit and miss. I'm going to try this on your recommendation (very in-depth so thank you for that... Some people tend to gloss over things soooo quickly)Hopefully I will love it just as much!

    1. Very welcome Helen! Glad I could offer up my opinion in some kind of a useful way.

      This is the first Caudalie product I've tried, so I have nothing else to compare it too. As far as I'm concerned, the Caudalie brand's a total 'hit' in my book! What were your 'miss' products?

      Hope that the Caudalie Cleansing Water floats your boat as much as it does mine :)

  3. Ah, *I* want 50% off at The Perfume Connection!
    I have a mask from Caudalie that I like, it's v gentle and softening. Bioderma sounds similar to this, but this is more cost-effective!

    1. Yeah, it's an AMAZING offer! When I went there the other night, the shop was roped off with a guy out the front acting as 'the bouncer'. It was insanely packed!

      And yes. I'd certainly compare the Caudalie to the Bioderma. As you said though, the Caudalie Cleanser is waaaaay easier on the bank account.