Saturday, 12 May 2012

Spoiled Rotten in May by Lust Have It

Bare with me a tick. I need to get something off my chest before I dive into this May Lust Have It loot extravaganza.

Since December I had been subscribed to the Australian Beauty Box, Glossybox. To begin with, I was quite happy with this company. I was aware of other peoples' problems with GB, but had never encountered any myself. Then things progressively got a little worse. Funds withdrawal and postage dates became a lot more random, and the products themselves were becoming less and less appealing. For instance, a can of coconut water and a Tantasia gradual tanning lotion in a 10ml tube (how could I possibly test this out when a tube of this size isn't even enough to cover my legs for one application?!) It was also obvious that the company were not taking beauty profiles into account. I was sent blonde haircare products on several occasions when it stated on my profile that I was a redhead. I was willing to brush this aside because, well, I was only paying $15 a month for it. Then Glossybox began deleting Facebook posts on their wall (even favourable ones) which really left a bad taste in my mouth. Interested to see if the other beauty subscription services were any better, I subscribed to both BellaBox and Lust Have It at the start of April. Then, as many of you may know, Glossybox was incorporated into Lust Have It, and to be honest I couldn't be happier.

After receiving two months of Lust Have It goody bags I have to say that this is by far my favourite beauty subscription service. For one, their online communication is great (no deleting wall posts with this one!) and they keep you informed via email as to when the boxes/bags are heading your way. Also, instead of bombarding you with virtually and entire bag of skincare or haircare products they include a really nice range of products (in fairly generous sizes too). In this month's bag I received everything from skincare to makeup to haircare to perfume to nail polish. What a feast! So yes. Well done Lust Have It. I stamp your foreheads with many a gold star.

Right. So enough rambling. Here's my favourite beauty bag to date! It should be noted that mine will be different from what the old Glossybox subscribers will be getting as I was subscribed to Lust Have It before the GB incorporation into LHI.

My May Lust Have It Loot!

All Numbered For Your Convenience!

1. Lush 'Dirty' Soap (100gm = $6.95)
I haven't used an actual bar of soap in years as I'm one of those clumsy people who can never quite get a grip on it. It's like a slapstick routine, but nobodies laughing. This gorgeous mint leaf smelling soap has me up for the challenge though. It contains spearmint, sandalwood, pine and something called oakmoss. I've tried spearmint body washes before and found the tingly feeling a little off putting. I feel like the other ingredients in this one will help to tone the mint down though.

2. ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss (4.2ml = $18.00)
I was given this full sized lip gloss in the colour Strip Tease which is a light pink with a fine silver shimmer running through it. It comes out very sheer, but very glossy on the lips. The stickiness factor isn't too high, which I like, but it's still a little bit tacky, which I think ensures it's longevity. It has a sponge tip applicator and a little mirror attached to the side of it. Even though this is a novel idea I feel like it's a bit unnecessary with this shade because it's already such an easy colour to apply without really putting a foot wrong. It also smells kind of fruity which wins points with me. 

3. Caron Laboratories Bump eRaisor Medi Paste (30ml = $16.95)
This was another full sized product, and I was over the moon to receive it. It's supposed to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs with the properties of tea tree oil and triclosan, which is an antibacterial agent. You're meant to rub the cream on the desired area after shaving and then continue applying for the next 7-10 days. I've only just started sampling this on my legs, so I can't tell you whether it's effective or not. However I do like the fact that this is a cream rather than a watery liquid. I've been using the Skin Doctors one off and on for a while now, and I've always felt that it's a little too harsh for my skin. Hopefully this will be a gentler alternative.

4. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty Perfume (50ml = $80)
This is a fresh, fruity, floral scent bursting with notes of peach, berry, bergamont, pink lily, jasmine, peony, dry musk sandalwood and vanilla blossom. It's nice. I'd definitely wear it. But I don't feel like it's anything special. I'm not sure I'd be willing to fork over the cash for this one. To be honest, it kind of reminds me of one of the Impulse body spray's I used to use in primary school. I think it was called O2. The one in the green and yellow bottle.

5. Bioderma Crealine H20 Makeup Remover (250ml = $39.95)
Had it not been for the info card I would have had no idea what this was. It doesn't say anywhere on the bottle! Bioderma is a brand I hear quite a lot about in the beauty blogger realm. Although, I'm yet to try it. So this will be a nice little introduction for me. Apparently this makeup remover is said to be good for people with sensitive skin and eyes whilst being tough on removing "even the heaviest of makeup". At $39.95 a pop, it ought to be! 

6. Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer (15ml = $14.95)
After doing a little research I worked out that the name of the colour I was given was 'One Less Lonely Glitter'. This is a clear polish filled with a combination of super fine and slightly larger hexagonal amethyst glitter. I already have a full sized glitter polish from the Nicole collection which I adore, which is in the colour 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie'. So I'm quite excited to give this one a whirl. I wish OPI did mini sizes like this for all their polishes. It'd be so convenient for travel.

7 & 8. Evo The Therapist Calming Shampoo and Conditioner (300ml = $29.95)
This brand is completely new to me. Both are designed to hydrate and protect frizzy, dry and coloured hair. They contain proteins which, having bleached hair, is something that I look for in a shampoo and conditioner. They're also paraben and sulphate free if that's important to you. On top of that, the conditioner smells like vanilla! Lovely. I have to admit, I'm currently loving my Revlon Nutri-Colour Creme, so I'll probably only try out the conditioner when I finish up with that. But I'll certainly give the shampoo a go next time I wash my hair. Also, I couldn't end this break-down of the products without including the cute little description written on the front of the conditioner: "no more hiding your frizzy hair and no more inner're now a racehorse that's bolted from the stables gleaming with pride. run with it, feel the freedom, run with it...neighhhhhhh." Haha! Well I liked it anyway.


  1. Woah, even I must say that's a pretty impressive box! Love the Bioderma inclusion and the OPI nail polish. I have an existing 250mL bottle of Bioderma which is really useful and gentle. The trick is to soak a cotton pad with it and then press it over the eyes for about 20 seconds, otherwise it's not as effective. I'd also be curious to try the LUSH soap and the Medi Paste :)

  2. Yeah, I was over the moon with this month's loot. Haha! Why does it not surprise me that the OPI Polish is the one that caught your eye! You nail polish fiend you!

    Oh and thankyou for the Bioderma advice. I haven't used it yet (I just bought a bottle of the Cordalie Cleansing Water the other day). But I will definitely keep that in mind when I decide to try it.


  3. I haven't tried any of the boxes yet, but LHI is really tempting me right now. I really like Evo btw, their travel minis saved my hair sanity during a week long drive from Adelaide to Sydney.

    All Calvin Klein perfumes smell like vaguely aquatic flowers. I swear they're been rebottling the same scent since 97.

    1. Yeah, judging by the last 2 months, this subscription service is definitely my favourite.

      Good to hear the Evo haircare is worth a try. I've never heard anything about the brand before.

      Oh and I've heard that about Calvin Klein perfumes. I suppose they're trying to hone in on that younger audience with the same kind of scents.