Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bellabox Just Made My Day

There are few things that can brighten my day after an extremely busy, stressful work shift. One of these things is an exceptionally wonderful loot from the lovely girls at Bellabox. I arrived home to these little gems today, and I was suitably impressed. Wouldn't you be?!
Hopefully you can appreciate that I'm managing to hold all of these in one hand whilst holding the camera with my other hand! Such skill ;)
The June box contains:
  • Nak Diamond Hair Polish: A smoothing creme that can be used on dry hair as a heat protectant and very light-hold styling product.
  • Pure Fuji Body Butter: A frangipani scented body butter containing milk proteins and nut extracts.
  • Facial Fresh Cloth Facial Treatment Mask: A cloth mask recommended for weekly use. Claims to replenish and protect dehydrated, tight or dry skin.
  • Benefit Professional Pro Balm: A translucent, oil-free primer.
  • Kiss Dress Nails: Press-on nail art. This particular one is zebra print with rhinestones.
  • Fan Di Fendi Fragrance: A small sample of the new Fendi perfume, containing notes of pear, tangerine, blackcurrant, tangerine, leather and patchouli.
  • Olea Olive Leaf Drops: 4 cold-fighting lozenges with olive leaf extract and Manuka honey. 
I feel like this box has a really nice mix of products. Excitingly, I haven't tried anything in it before -which is why I love these beauty subscription boxes so much. They give you the opportunity to try and test new or little-known products without committing to forking over the doe for the full size version.

I'm looking forward to trying out the Kiss Dress Nails. I've been eyeing off the Sally Hansen range of nail press-ons for a while now; and this looks very similar. Not sure how I feel about wearing rhinestones on all my fingers, but I think it could look really wild on an accent nail or two. The Nak hair creme certainly wont go astray either. I go through hair products as quickly as milk! Plus I really loved the Nak Hair Oil in April's Bellabox, so I have high hopes for this one.

If I hadn't recently bought an Inglot primer (which I love) I would have definitely been more thrilled by the cute little Benefit one. The packaging alone is enough to win me over! Frothy, retro, super-girly packaging gets me every time! I think I may save this 7.5ml tube for travelling though. What a terrible reviewer I am! So much of my sample-sized stuff has ended up in a makeup case under my bathroom sink - awaiting that faithful day in October when it boards a plane. Hopefully a couple of products from this month's box can make it into my June Favourites though!

If you're interested in giving them a burl, here's the site for Bellabox. After sampling three lovely boxes, they've definitely got my tick of approval. Plus they're based in Melbourne, which means very prompt postage for my fellow Melbournians!



  1. Looks like an epic beauty box! I'm looking forward to getting my lust have it box (hopefully today or monday)

    Where are you traveling in October?

    1. Me too! Me too! I'm also subscribed to Lust Have It. However it often seems to arrive just before the end of the month for me. Hope you get yours soon. Then I can drool over it until mine finally arrives!

      Heading over to your blog to answer the travel question :)

  2. all these different sample boxes are so good you just never know which one to choose >.< Thanks for sharing ! maybe we can follow each other ?

    1. That's why I was originally subscribed to 3! They're only $15 each, so I figure it's a small price to pay for some potentialy good boxes. Heading over to your blog now for a look-see!

  3. Nice selection of products to sample! I'd be interested to try the Benefit primer, I've heard fairly mixed reviews about it, from absolutely glowing, to disappointment. The press-on nail art sounds like it could be fun - I reviewed a few similar things in my Priceline Beauty Bag but never got around to trialling them. I guess I just like picking between my existing nail polish collection :p

  4. The Fuji body butter did my skin wonders! I especially liked the scent, I also tried the frangipani one.