Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Metallic Python and the Jewel-Encrusted Zebra

In this month's Bellabox, I was given a set of press-on nail-art by the brand Kiss. For a while I'd been eyeing off Sally Hansen's version of these nail-adhesives. Only I'd been a little too wrapped up in Ulta3 nail polish to give them the time of day. So when this turned up on my doorstep, I was as happy as a guinea pig who's heard the vegetable drawer opening. That's pretty damn happy.

My Kiss Nail Dress in KDS01
The kit itself comes with twenty eight nail adhesives of fourteen different sizes, as well as a little nail file for removing the excess from the tips of your nails. I find it strange that the kits include twenty eight stickers, rather than a more practical thirty. However, I can't see this being too much of a problem for me. As my nails are quite short, I cut the adhesives in half before I apply them. This means I'd definitely be able to get at least three uses out of one kit. Perhaps even an additional feature nail or two.

As far as application goes, these press-ons are relatively easy. You just find the right size for your nail, carefully peel the sticker off the plastic sheet, line up the curvier edge with your cuticle, and press down towards the tip of your nail - smoothing out any bubbles or bumps. You then fold it down over the edge of your nail and file away the excess.

I have to say, I was a little sceptical of the last step in this process, as I thought that the file would remove either too little or too much of the remaining sticker. Perhaps even removing a rhinestone or two, or accidentally lifting the whole thing off. With a little patience though, I ended up with a pretty flawless result. For me, it took just as much time to apply as it would take to do 3 coats of polish, but without the terrible smell, drying time and potential to ruin furniture.

Just like the Sally Hansen strips, these claim to last on your nails for 10 days. I can't vouch for that completely, as it's only been six days, but so far, I've been really pleased with how well they're travelling. They've survived many days at work making coffees, washing dishes, cleaning around the house, having baths and foraging around many a handbag. The latter being the greatest testament of all to their staying power! While I may have lost a few rhinestones here and there on the tip of my thumb and forefinger, it's definitely not too noticeable as the strips are patterned.

The design itself has really won me over too. I thought it may have been a little too garish when I first saw it in the packet, but it actually looks really glamorous and interesting on the nails. I actually feel like the potentially tacky zebra print aspect of these nails, is toned down by the fact that it's on my itty bitty nails. I think art looks nicer on shorter nails. Less California Barbie.  I actually received quite a few compliments on it at work over this past week too. So yay for that.

All in all, even though they're not exactly cheap at $14 AUD a pop, they're definitely something I'd repurchase again. I think I'll give the Sally Hansen ones a go and see how they compare. I will say however, that the Kiss range has a better selection of jewelled designs - with an impressive nine in the collection. Fancy!

On the topic of fancy, I also recently picked up a gorgeous cross-body evening bag from Colette. It's a black fold-over with a long, detachable strap and pale gold snakeskin detailing.

See?! See?!
For years now, I've been tolerating a pretty (but awful) patent leather bag from Dangerfield. The chain strap dug in and constantly broke, the clasp was tiny and refused to shut, and the bag itself struggled to hold more than my keys and phone. So obviously, this Colette bag has been an absolute dream to tote around. The strap is comfortable across my shoulder, the fold-over section stays secure with a magnetic clasp, the interior is wonderfully roomy and I can't help but love the style of it.
Here's a bit of a size indication for you :)

I feel like the touch of gold makes it just that little bit more evening-ish, without being too much to exclude it from daytime use. Also, being such a pale gold, it seems to go well with both gold and silver jewellery. This is a definite plus for me as I tend to fluctuate between the two. Another plus was the not-too-shabby price of $29.95 AUD. Pretty reasonable for a bag I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of use out of. Much more use than my torturous Dangerfield bag, that's for sure!


  1. Your nails and bag match! :) You wear the design really well, it's like intricate nail art without the effort (well, except for the process of applying it - which you've done perfectly!). I like the zebra pattern and the little rhinestones, plus they seem to last a good while as well.

    1. Haha! I'm so pleased you picked up on them matching. I was excited when I realised that too. Sigh. It's the little tings in life...

      And thankyou. Yes, they're sort of a different kind of effort to painting your nails the traditional way. My boyfriend was grateful that he didn't have to inhale polish fumes though!

      I'm quite fond of the pattern too. I think it'd also look quite nice with OPI's Glitzerland underneath actually. I may have to try that next time.

  2. Your nails look amazing! x

  3. Those nails look amazing! Did you do them yourself? If you're interested in nail polish, checkout my blog The Lost Lacquer and tell me what you think.
    thanks xxx