Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fawning Over Inglot

It's official. I've well and truly been converted. Inglot has stolen my heart.

About three weeks ago I made the silly mistake of tagging along to Chadstone Shopping Centre's 'VIP Night'. What this means is, for one night only, basically every store has a sale (some more impressive than others). I didn't intend to go into Inglot. Really I didn't. I had originally made the decision to stop after picking up a bottle of perfume and a reed diffuser. But the amazing wall of eye shadows lured me in, seeming to say "chooooose me...I'm pretty and oh-so-cheap!" I couldn't resist. After reaching the conclusion that I thoroughly needed some go-to neutral shades, I painstakingly selected three to put into one of their palettes - otherwise known as a 'freedom system'.


My Inglot Palette, in all her magnetic-lidded majesty!
Left to Right: 395, 31, 409

The shades in direct sunlight.

The shades I ended up with were:
395: A shimmery white with a hint of peach and a pearl finish.
31: A sandy, golden brown with a shiny, frosty finish. 
409: A dark, bronzed, chocolate brown with a pearl finish.

Here they are swatched for your viewing pleasure:

Top to Bottom: 395, 31, 409
I find that these shades work splendidly together. My favourite way to wear them is with 395 all over my lid, 31 highlighting my inner corner and 409 buffed into my outer corner. Even though they are all shimmery finishes, I don't find that I look like a glitterball wearing them all at once. It's just enough shine for me.

The three Inglot shades, working their magic.
I cannot stress how much I adore these eye shadows. They're soft, easy to work with, and incredibly pigmented. I find that the 31 shade requires a little more building up than the other two, but not to any great extent. In fact, 31 is probably my favourite (and most worn) shade of the bunch. Usually, goldy colours tend to scare me as I'm fairly pale, but I feel like the 31 shade could work for any skin tone, providing just enough metallic sheen without being in-your-face gold.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the shades I picked up. Even though I spent far too long selecting them, and probably did the lovely sales assistant's head in, it was worth it in the end. Now I definitely have my sights set on filling a 10 pan. There were some brilliant greens and blues that I found awfully hard to resist! I may hold off until my visit to London later this year though, as they're a tiny bit cheaper there.

On the topic of price, I do have to give Inglot a big thumbs up for being a much cheaper (and equally as stunning) alternative to MAC. Due to the sale I managed to pay AUD $34.85 for the lot. That was $9.45 for the palette and $8.50 for each eyeshadow. The regular retail price in Australia (for a full 3 pan palette) is $38. Pretty reasonable in my opinion. Especially considering the amount of use I'm going to get out of it.

The two minuscule bits of criticism I have with Inglot are in regards to the shade coding and the magnetised casing. Firstly, I feel like assigning numbers to the shades rather than names, makes it really difficult to remember which shade is which. The only reason I know the numbers of the shades in my palette is because I kept the receipt. For me, names also make the colours a little more complex and desirable. MAC names such as Sable and Nylon just sound way more appealing to me than AMC Shine 31 and Matte 382. Secondly, the magnetic casing, which clicks or slides on and off, works wonderfully on the smaller palettes, but seems to be a little tricky on, say, the 20 pan palette. While I don't own a palette of this size, I can only imagine (having more magnets connected to them) that the larger palettes would require a little more effort to remove the cover, and would run the risk of having fingers sliding into them. That being said, I really appreciate the sturdiness of the lids. They seem practical for travel as I'm sure they'd protect the shadows from moving about and breaking.  

Oh boy, I can ramble! Sorry about that. The moral of the story is: Inglot is fab! Go there. Fall in love.



  1. I want inglot eyeshadows so badly, but I never know which ones to choose. I think when i finally buy some I will spend like $200

    1. Haha! It's daunting. I completely agree. There's nearly too much to choose from. I could see myself spending the same. I think the best thing to do is go in there with a theme in mind. Like a brights theme, or a purple theme, or a matte theme or a night-time theme. Woah! That's a lot of themes! Basically what I'm trying to say is, I think the best thing to do, is to go in there with a bit of a plan. Otherwise Inglot will eat you alive!

  2. the shades looks natural.. so nice.. :)

  3. It's looks so natural and settled you have beautiful eyes xox

    1. Thanks heaps. That's so nice of you to say.