Sunday, 29 April 2012

Girl About Melbourne

The other day I was lucky enough to experience the rarity that is a day off with my boyfriend. Shock horror! I know. So we made the most of the freedom, company and sunshine and headed into the city with intentions to visit ACMI That's the 'Australian Centre for the Moving Image' for all my international readers! We planned on seeing an interview with Melbourne director Amiel Courtin-Wilson: the genius behind the soon to be released feature film 'Hail' (keep your eyes peeled!) After what was a terrifically interesting talk we spent the rest of the day being creatures of leisure. Lots of milling about the city, drinking, people watching and window shopping. I took a few photos on my phone (hence the somewhat poor quality) that I thought I'd share with you. Onward!

Lipstick: 'Hot Stuff'' by Chi Chi
Blush: 'Frankly Scarlet' by Mac
Eyebrow Pencil: 'Hazel' by Rimmel & 'Frankly Scarlet' Blush by Mac
Head Scarf and Jacket: Op Shop
Skirt: Topshop London
Tights: River Island
Boots: Wittner
Bag: Topshop London

By the Yarra
Flowers and Dappled Sunlight. Ahhh!
A Slice of Iconic Melbourne

From the Bathroom in 'The Workshop'
I had to include this last photo because I thought it was just too pretty not to. It's looking out the window of the ladies bathroom in a bar on Elizabeth St called 'The Workshop'. I realise I'm probably a little late on the bandwagon as far as this venue goes but I really liked it. Such a nice, relaxed bar to have an afternoon beer or two. I wish I'd taken more photos of the actual bar but to be honest, I was too busy drinking and blathering on!


  1. your hair color is amazing

    1. I'm pretty in love with it myself actually. Yay for Directions hair colour!

  2. Love that second last photo - your makeup looks flawless! :) Glad to hear you made the most of your day off with the bf. I was stuck at home all this last weekend and I really regretted not making anything of my time off and the nice weather (at least on Saturday).

    1. Thanks a million doll! Shame you couldn't have gotten out and about in the sunshine. Hopefully that wont be the last we see of it!

  3. I love your colour wish I was as brave .. I really wanted to get some pink in my hair but I'm so meh about it. Your outfit is so lush, reminds me of Kate Nash- Foundations video hah :) xx

  4. You're so pretty. I love your hair and your outfit -it really suits you.

    Lovely blog, I'm following :)