Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Pony Boy Parlour Trinket

I was recently gifted this fantastical resin ring from one of my lovely friends. It's shiny and super playful, filled with clouds of colour and swirls of glitter. It actually reminds me of a tombola from a game of marbles! Unfortunately for me my hands are insanely small which often makes it hard to wear these kinds of chunky rings, but I wear it all the same. I just have to restrict my gesturing for fear of banging it on something or having it fly off!

Look at it in the light will you?! Oooooooh!

This is the work of a talented Aussie designer named Kellie Christie. She makes all kinds of treasures including other resin jewellery featuring buttons, sprinkles and...wait for beans!! If you felt like giving her blog a gander it's here

My friend picked up this gem for me from Pony Boy Parlour - a magical little Brunswick based boutique. Pony Boy stocks lots of vintage, handmade and secondhand items crafted and sourced by aspiring Australian designers and artists. I'm yet to go there myself but I'm definitely keen to visit once they reopen later this April (they've been busy sprucing things up). There are so many wonderful photos up on their Facebook site which have me drooling with delight. Plus I'm all for supporting smarty pants local artists!

Pony Boy Parlour

The Pony Boy Parlour is at 284 Albert St, Brunswick (White Elephant Warehouse), Melbourne. It's closed currently but will be reopening later this month.


  1. fantastical ring)))

  2. omg this ring is lovely :)
    I adore it!!

  3. such a lovely ring. love all these colours :)
    really nice blog you have here, dear!


  4. Thanks a million Rebekah! It's been really fun to get it up and running. Now I actually have an outlet to ramble to people who aren't completely disinterested! Yay!

  5. aaaaaawww that's so cute!!
    new follower :)

  6. Wonderous! I really appreciate that Draman Makeup.

  7. Wow I love it, so pretty and unique!xx

  8. That parlour looks so cute, I love little boutiques and Im in love with the ring!
    thanks for popping onto my page and commenting
    would you like to follow eachother?


    1. Rumaging through boutiques makes a nice, relaxing change from the hustle and bustle of busy chain stores. Plus you're more likely to pick up something unique.

      Oh and yes! Mutual following is goer! Look forward to your future posts.