Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Chaddy Haul!

I spent the day yesterday shopping up a storm at Chaddy with my Mum.  I had some vouchers and money I'd accumulated over Christmas and my birthday so I wanted to pick up some bits and pieces I had been eyeing off (and also a few exciting random purchases). I often try to avoid this particular shopping centre because it's colossal and houses so many brilliant cosmetics, skincare and fashion stores. For this reason it tends to wreak havoc on my purse! But gift money justifies a visit right? Anyway, on the off chance you might be interested I thought I'd share with you what I carted home with me.

Beauty by Vitalcare Mirror. $33 from Priceline.

For ages I've been doing my makeup in a poorly lit lounge room using a small mirror tentatively placed on an upturned tissue box. Not exactly an ideal setup. This solves everything. Good lighting AND a stand! Another bonus is that it's battery operated. So it's perfect for moving it to wherever you need it to go.

Beyonce Pulse Eau De Parfum 50ml. $49 from Perfume Connection.

I'd been lusting after this perfume since December but couldn't justify buying it for myself. When I saw it on sale I simply couldn't resist! Especially considering my perfume collection currently consists of three perfumes I no longer wear, one bottle I do and one roller ball bottle of Couture Couture by Juicy Couture. For anyone who hasn't smelt this it's fruity and floral. Like a gummy bear sitting on an orchid. Now there's a mental picture for you!

Revlon Nutricolor Creme in 600 Fire Red. $25 from Lattouf International.

I'd heard a lot of good things about this colour depositing treatment by Revlon. Beauty blogger All Dolled Up had mentioned it in a video saying that it does wonders for maintaining coloured hair. So I thought I'd give it a go. One tube is 100ml and they also have 250ml pump bottles, but they're fazing them out I believe. It replaces a conditioner and is said to last you four washes. This doesn't sound like much considering the price; however I only wash my hair once a week, so this will last me the month. 

Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic. $6 from Lush.

I thought I'd treat myself to this little baby after the wonderment that was Lush's green bubbleroon. This is from Lush's standard bath bomb range. It smells fresh and zesty like lemon sherbet. Yummo! Plus apparently it has gold glitter in the middle!

Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipsticks in Centrefold (left) and Drop Dead Gorgeous (right). $19 each from Myer. $28.50 for two with Myer's current offer of buy one Chi Chi product, get the second half price.

I've been head-over-heels for Chi Chi lipsticks of late. They're pretty comparable to Mac in terms of quality but a little bit cheaper. They're also a product of Australia which is hunky dorey. 

 I'd been on a mission to find this one since I'd swatched it in Target and Gloss, but it had been out of stock in both! As you can see, it's a nude. I never thought I'd see the day that I would purchase a nude lippie, but I was quite fond of this one. I think it'd be perfect for a bit of a 60's look when I want to go heavy on the eye makeup. Also, rather than being a straight matte finish, this one is a creamy matte. So it's a lot more comfortable to wear.

Drop Dead Gorgeous
I actually owned this one way back in the day when Chi Chi were packaging their lipsticks in cardboard tubes (what a terrible idea!). I absolutely loved the shade but had to throw it out because the tube was getting too manky for words. So when I discovered that Chi Chi were still making this shade I had to pick it up. I find this shade really warms my face up and does wonders for accentuating rose coloured blush. It's a matte finish though so it can be a little drying. Nothing a lip balm can't fix though. Ahhh. I love it.

Trina & Co Cosmetics Bag. $11 on sale at Target.

I needed a new bag to house my ever-growing collection of makeup. Plus using a pencil case for my brushes just wasn't cutting it! Then I stumbled across this little gem. It feels like a bit of a nod to Tiffany & Co which certainly wins points for me. The lining is navy and white polka dots and as you can see it has two sections. So I can now use one side for my brushes and the other side for my makeup. Success!

Travalo Excel Atomiser. $18 from Perfume Connection.

I can't exactly remember which blogger introduced me to this nifty product (I think it was A Sprinkle of Glitter), but I saw this at the counter of Perfume Connection and immediately snapped it up. If you haven't seen or heard about the Travalo before, it's basically a little handbag-friendly-sized perfume carrier. You just have to take the cap off one of your full sized perfumes, place the tube thingy in the end of the Travalo and keep pressing down until you can see that it's full. The see-through indicator on the side makes it easy. What a great idea! It's also small enough that you can chuck it in your carry-on luggage when travelling. They're available in lots of different colours too so that you can differentiate your fragrances. Or you can just marvel at how pretty they all are!

Over and out buddies!


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    1. Couldn't agree more. I'm slowly but surely building up quite a nice lipsticks collection. With a pretty broad range of colours I might add.

      Thanks for reading dove!

  2. The Travalo sounds really nifty, great for travelling though not sure how I'd fare with trying to get the liquid into the little thing from a perfume bottle. I've actually been eyeing Centrefold for a while now - it's a really pretty nude and looks lovely on you :) The mirror looks super useful, illumination is always a big plus.

    1. Yeah I'll have to see how I go with that one. I feel like I may end up with my hands drenched in perfume!

      Thanks for reading and commenting and all that jazz!

  3. Great haul you got some really amazing stuff! xoxo

  4. Drop dead gorgeous looks stunning on you!

  5. I love those lipsticks! And i have one of the little travel perfume thingys - theyre so handy! Cant live without mine now! xx

  6. Loving all your purchases :)

  7. Thanks everypony for your lovely comments! Yes. That was a My Little Pony reference! Apologies.

  8. you got some great stuff! i really need one of these mirrors - sometimes i catch sight of my eyebrows in a mirror like that and nearly have a heart attack hehe x

  9. loving it all especially the lush x

  10. Hi Courtney, regarding Kevin, no I haven't read the book and I am not planning on it as it's not the most uplifting plot... Currently reading The Girl Who Played with Fire.

  11. Great post! nice mirror, I want it!