Monday, 2 April 2012

How Kleancolour Polish Stole My Heart

I recently ventured to the Caribbean Gardens Market and stumbled across a nice big stall of nail polishes from the American brand Kleancolour. I can safely say I had never heard of Kleancolour until then, but I was instantly drawn to the magnificent range of colours on offer (and the amazing price of $5.00 a bottle!). This particular stall stocked a little over 100 colours but the entire range consists of 236 shades including a brilliant array of glitter polishes. Oooh ahhh! I restrained myself and bought just 5 shades. I can see a revisit on the horizon though!

Left to Right:   120 Teal Envy,  25 Beach Blue,  214 Glamour Barbie,  4 White,  97 Love Affair

First of all I'm in love with the design of the bottle. For a polish so reasonably priced (I believe it's only $3.49 in the United States) the packaging is lovely. Nice and sturdy with an easy to use mid-thickness brush. In my opinion it's far prettier than the chunky O.P.I bottles.

The polish itself glides on smoothly and dries reasonably quickly. It also fairly opaque. It took just two coats to get this result:

Excuse the damaged cuticles!

As far as the polish's longevity goes I found that it lasted reasonably well without chipping. I work full time as a waitress/barista, so my nails tend to go through the wars daily. My hands are frequently in contact with steam, hot water and cleaning products, as well as facing the general damage caused by clearing tables, stacking plates and the like. On me, this polish lasted two working days without a chip. It was only on the third day that a few little ones appeared. A friend of mine who is also a barista said that she had worn a Kleancolour nail polish to work and found that it was quite chip-resistant also.

120 Teal Envy

For those of you who live in Melbourne I would definitely recommend heading on over to the Caribbean Garden Market (I went on a Friday) and giving them a burl. Otherwise if you're in America you can order online from their website right here. Unfortunately for us Aussie folk they do not ship internationally but this site is great for having a look at their colour range. So far I am absolutely in love with these polishes. They are nearly on par with O.P.I and just for a fraction of the hideous price.

Long live Kleancolour!


  1. I have never heard of this brand either. the colours are really pretty though. I especially like the white colour.

  2. Hi Rachel! Thanks for taking the time to have a gander at my blog. I'm quite fond of the white too. It's perfect for doing some nail art on. I think I may have to buy some more glitters though. I have the pink one on my toenails currently and I really love it.

  3. Love your blog! I've followed & look forward to many fantastic future reads!

    Laura xo

    1. Why hello Laura! Eeep! My first subscriber! You're too kind.
      Hope you're having a hummdinger of a day,
      xx, Courtney.