Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Who Said Candles Are Boring?

I love a good scented candle. It must be said. Is there anything more satisfying than the smell and sight of a nice little flaming candle on a coffee table when you're craving some domestic solitude? Nope! This is precisely the reason I found myself buying yet another candle despite my intentions to save. Oh boy!

Here 'Tis!

Scented candles are a particular weakness of mine. I have been burning my Glasshouse Candle in Tahaa Vanilla Caramel for a while now and I absolutely adore it. Unfortunately though (like Yankee Candles here in Australia) they're a bit on the pricey side. So when I spied this Brooklyn based, more reasonably priced range at Riot Art (of all places!) I decided to give it a go. As you can see I chose the fragrance Honeydew Melon which is a fresh, cool, fruity scent not unlike Bodycology's Foaming Bath and Shower Gel in Cucumber Melon (which I adore).

The small 114gm jars were priced at $7.00 and the large 350gm jars were $20.00. Compared to Glasshouse's $15 for a small jar and $35 for a large, the Old Williamburgh Candle wins in that sense. As I had never tried this brand before I purchased the smaller jar to sample. Sometimes, while they may smell great in the jar, the scent while burning is a whole other story. So I wanted save my pennies just in case!

I decided to burn it in the bathroom with the door closed so I that could gauge how strong the fragrance was. I found that it was more on the subtle side, even after 3 hours of burning. Nowhere near the strength of a Glasshouse Candle, but still noticeable. I can't help but feel that the larger candle would be stronger as this seems to be the case with Yankee Candles. Regardless, I think I'll be purchasing the larger size and seeing how it goes. Plus the collection includes a violet scent which I'm really into right now!

Any scented candles you think are worth a mention?


  1. I love candles...any kind! I couldn't even tell you brands or scents, because I used to just buy anything to stock up. as long as it smelled nice and or came in a nice jar, I bought it!


  2. Nice work! Yes I like the ones that are in a cookie jar kind of a deely. I often reuse the jar once the candle burns down for housing standard pillar candles.

    Thanks for reading hun.

  3. I love the smell of honeydew =)
    Cute blog.


  4. Yeah it's a really sweet, fresh, energising scent. Perfect for spa products I think.

    Oh and it means the world to me that you subscribed. Ta!

    xx, Court.